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Re: ISA or not? (Was: Re: Long ramblings about project design)

To: tor@tss.no (Tor Arntsen)
Subject: Re: ISA or not? (Was: Re: Long ramblings about project design)
From: jeremy@sw.oz.au (Jeremy Fitzhardinge)
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1993 12:48:53 +1000 (EST)
Cc: riscy@pyramid.com
In-reply-to: <9306251121.AA15449@unas.tss.no> from "Tor Arntsen" at Jun 25, 93 01:21:43 pm
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Tor Arntsen bubbles:

> Drew Eckhardt wrote:
> [...] 
> } I'm begining to wonder about the need for the ISA bus - 
> I'm beginning to wonder as well.. 

> } 
> } Pros : we can put nifty things like ROM burners in the ISA slots, and
> }     parallel printer/floppy controllers.
> What about RS-232 ROM burners?  I have to admit I haven't used ROM burners 
> since when one could only get serial versions.  Are ISA versions more useful?

Having ISA slots makes the board much more appealing to those with an
existing investment in ISA cards.  This is important.  If someone asks
"can I plug my soundblaster in to it?", its better to say "sure, you need
to write a driver though" rather than, "nope, design a scsi version".
More importantly, things like multiport serial/parallel boards aren't
things you want to clutter up a motherboard with, but are dirt cheap to
get in ISA form.

> Floppy is useful.
> Is a parallel port really necessary?  Serial printers should do, no?

Parallel is important.  There is nothing more useful than being able to
flash LEDs when nothing else works (either cause something is very broken
or because you're in the early stages of writing monitor code).


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