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Motherboard manufacturing

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Motherboard manufacturing
From: Hai Pham <pham@pX4.stfx.ca>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1993 09:54:10 -0300
On Jun 21, 20:49, caret@pyramid.com (Neil Russell) wrote:
Subject: MIPS R3000 hardware design specification revision 1

>       Because of the cost of assembly, the board should not have any
>       Surface Mount Devices at all (J-lead components that can be
>       socketed are ok).  Hand assembly of SMD boards is *very*
>       difficult in all cases except maybe prototyping.  The cost
>       of setting up and having boards assembled automatically is
>       not cost effective until you get into the thousands.  I expect
>       to be hand assembling the first few production runs of this
>       board to save costs.

Just a thought:  I think most of us on this list are probably pretty
competent with a soldering iron.  Why don't you offer the motherboard as a
kit as well?  All we'd need is the PC board and components with some sort
of schematic.  We'd save a bit on the cost of assembling, and get to learn
about how our own machines are put together in the process.  I for one
would consider it a bargan, even if I run the risk for blowing up
something. :-)


ps. I know next to nothing about MIPS architecture, nor about anything
else that was mentioned in the hardware design specs.  (The most
complicated thing that we managed to learn about in undergrad physics are
op-amps.)  Could someone point me to a reading list some where?  Some tips
about where and how to get reading material would be nice too. 


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