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Re: Support processor in the design

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Support processor in the design
From: caret@pyramid.com (Neil Russell)
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 93 10:05:36 PDT
In-reply-to: <MAILQUEUE-101.930625091156.448@informatik.ee.edag.de>; from "peter katzmann" at Jun 25, 93 9:11 am
> High,
> what is about to think of a communication and support processor. Some
> people mentioned about several serial I/O's a other one would have
> added sound support and we have also to handle a keyboard and
> probably scsi and ethernet.
> Normaly you could handle all from the CPU or get some smarter parts
> which handle more themselve. But one possible solution could be to
> add a common cheap 8 Bit processor like the 6809 and let him work as
> a kind of communication processor.
> Also what I prever is an little bit intelligent video subsystem. It
> shouldn't be much but something like drawing line and Raster Op
> should be possible, to decrease the heavy graphical work load of the
> system.

  Making the I/O co-processor a requirement could quickly make the
price of the board sky-rocket, if we're not careful.  It is nice to
consider these options in the hope that we could find something that
would be cheaper to add.  I don't think that a 6809 would fit this
bill.  Consider that we could add a R3041 (R300 for real cheap) to
do this for us$15 (plus the glue), but what is the justification?

An idea, one chip that could cover both of the above requests could
be the TI34010 graphics CPU.  Last I checked you could get them at
around us$30 (that was a year ago).

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