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Support processor in the design

To: pyramid.com!riscy@informatik.ee.edag.de
Subject: Support processor in the design
From: peter katzmann <PET@informatik.ee.edag.de>
Date: 25 Jun 93 09:11:56 CET
Priority: normal
what is about to think of a communication and support processor. Some
people mentioned about several serial I/O's a other one would have
added sound support and we have also to handle a keyboard and
probably scsi and ethernet.
Normaly you could handle all from the CPU or get some smarter parts
which handle more themselve. But one possible solution could be to
add a common cheap 8 Bit processor like the 6809 and let him work as
a kind of communication processor.
Also what I prever is an little bit intelligent video subsystem. It
shouldn't be much but something like drawing line and Raster Op
should be possible, to decrease the heavy graphical work load of the

p. katzmann

EDAG-Fulda | P. Katzmann | E-Planung | Steinauer Str.| 6400 Fulda
tel. 0661/6000-454/464 | W. Germany | in: pet@informatik.ee.edag.de


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