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cost of 3081

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: cost of 3081
From: Steven.D.Ligett@Dartmouth.EDU (Steven D. Ligett)
Date: 24 Jun 93 14:47:35 EDT
Prices of the 3081 have come down this quarter.  For the 79r3081e-40mj, the
prices are:

$385 for 1 to 24
$340.50 for 25 to 99
$296 for 100 ...

If you are going to have a group of 25 or more, the 3081 w FPU will cost
about $200 more than the 3051.  The 3052 is in between.  At this point, I
don't see that a decision has to be made -- except for clocking issues, and a
few pullups for configuration, you can put any of them in the same socket. 
Prices should be better in the next quarter, anyway.  Once you've got a
memory system designed, and choose the clock speed, then buy whatever CPU you
can afford.


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