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Re: cost of fpu? EISA?

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: cost of fpu? EISA?
From: caret@pyramid.com (Neil Russell)
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 93 14:09:21 PDT
In-reply-to: <9306230610.AA17111@gossip.pyramid.com>; from "Bill Broadley" at Jun 23, 93 2:10 am
> Anyone have the price of the mips chips?  A summary with price, cache, and fpu
> would be great.  I'm especially interested if the FPU and non FPU chips
> are identical (aside from the fpu) and what the price difference is.  

Going from memory (I'm at USENIX and my notes are at home):
        79R3051E-20     $79     (non-FPU, 4k I-cache, 8k D-cache)
        79R3051E-40     $155    (non-FPU, 4k I-cache, 8k D-cache)
        79R3081E-40     $297    (FPU, 8k I-cache, 16k D-cache)
I have prices for all of the various speeds and packages but that's all
I can remember.

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