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Re: MIPS R3000 tasks available; volunteers?

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: MIPS R3000 tasks available; volunteers?
From: Andreas Busse <andy@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 93 09:14:47 +0200
Cc: andy@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de
>*  Keyboard controller / NV-RAM / RTC
>*  Serial port
>*  Ethernet port
>*  Video

That could *ALL* be done by a single chip. Contact Chips & Technologies
and ask for the 82C512 Peripheral Controller.

Qouted from the preliminary spec sheet (of 92/4/2):

-Local Bus Interface
-Boot Prom I/F
-DRAM/VRAM Controller
-Interrupt Controller
-Ethernet Controller
-Video Timing Generator
-Parallel I/O
-Keyboard I/F
-Mouse I/F
-3 Timers
-General I/O I/F
-Speaker I/F
-Power down Logic

And it's designed to use with a IDT3051/2, 81/2 up to 40 MHz.

I believe that's what we are looking for !

Any comments ?

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