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Re: Bootrom and other useless stuff.

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Bootrom and other useless stuff.
From: wolff@dutecai.et.tudelft.nl (Rogier Wolff)
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 93 17:55:21 +0200
Hi again.

I think I may have made a mistake. It seems that this group is talking about
a new motherboard. I thought we were talking about an accellerator card
like thing. This may make the "bootrom" less "useless".

Take my previous mail with a grain of salt...... Sorry about the trouble....


P.S. Introductions:

   I'm Roger Wolff, I graduated 1.5 years ago, I am currently involved in
   getting a real time application running on a x86 add-on card.. 
   (image processing). The card has one or two Intel 960CA processors.
   These run at 33 Mhz, and two instructions per cycle on optimized code.
   (66 MIPS). However I advise using them for a workstation like environment:
   No FPU, No MMU.


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