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Re: Boot rom and other useless junk.

To: wolff@dutecai.et.tudelft.nl (Rogier Wolff)
Subject: Re: Boot rom and other useless junk.
From: Patrick Mackinlay <mackinla@cs.curtin.edu.au>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1993 23:47:56 +0800 (WST)
In-reply-to: <9306221539.AA03031@liberator.et.tudelft.nl> from "Rogier Wolff" at Jun 22, 93 05:39:15 pm
>I'd suggest using the approach that we've used for a design here. What
>we do is we have the x86 CPU control the reset line of the "bigger" cpu.

[...other suggestions deleted...]

Actually, we're working on the premise that the board is independant
of any other machine. The proposed board is a complete replacement
motherboard, no x86 involved. I think the majority of people have
kinda agreed that this is the best way to go. It makes the machine
a bit more expensive, but also more useful, as it can outgrow the
"host" PC.

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