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TIGA chip/docs

To: riscy@pyramid.com (Mips 3000)
Subject: TIGA chip/docs
From: Bill Broadley <broadley@neurocog.lrdc.pitt.edu>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1993 12:14:16 -0500 (EDT)
I havea really cool tiga interface users guide, which seems to be a full
c library for dos to use the tiga chip (Not sure if source is available).

Also of interest TMS340 Family code generation tools users guide literature
number SPVU020.
        Describes the c compiler, assembler, linker, and archiver for the
ths340X0 graphics system processors.

So apparently they already have the c compiler (I think it's free).

Ti has been very generous with the documentation (we got it free)
which is a big win.

I tried to call for prices but I didn't have any parts numbers.

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