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Moving this mailinglist?

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Moving this mailinglist?
From: wolff@dutecai.et.tudelft.nl (Rogier Wolff)
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 93 17:39:00 +0200
Hi everyone,

At the moment this mailinglist is moving at around 20 or more mailmessages
a day. This is more like the volume that goes around in a newsgroup.
Also newsreaders are more adapted to selective reading. 

Wouldn't it  be a good idea to move this mailinglist into a newsgroup?
(This would allow my mailbox to go back to normal: a few messages a day)
Disadvantage is a slower turnaround time of a few days between posting and
that everyone has it. Another disadvantage would be that we might attract
a lot of "noise" if EVERYONE reading news would get a message "do you want
to subscribe to the group alt.desinging.our.own.R3000.motherboard?". If we
think that this would attract too much noise we could go for the
nondescriptive name trick: alt.linux.is.great :-)



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