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To: Steven.D.Ligett@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: Re: Things & Stuff
From: Pat Mackinlay <SMACKINLA@cc.curtin.edu.au>
Date: 28 Jun 1993 22:41:40 +0800
Cc: riscy@pyramid.com
>Yes, perhaps my post didn't get out.  The design I've been working on would
>use the 34076, and the NSC LM1882 to generate the syncs.  The 34076 HAS the
>DACs on it -- It's a RAMDAC.  It doesn't generate the Vsync, Hsync, nor the
>blanking.  The 1882 does that.

I must apologize to Steve here - I suspect that his message referring to 
this idea got lost in my "great mail screwup" and I didn't manage to see 
it. Ok, the next thing to look at is pricing and availability.

>Bag the 34010 -- put another 3041 on the board if you want smarts to drive
>the graphics.  All your software tools for the 3081 work just as well for its
>little brother.

Agree. Presuming that the 34076 and 1882 are cheap enough (and readily 
available), it looks like we have a video system <grin>.

(Still like the idea of the 34010 though <grumble>).

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