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Re: Monitor code...

To: riscy@pyramid.com
Subject: Re: Monitor code...
From: Patrick Mackinlay <mackinla@cs.curtin.edu.au>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1993 23:43:23 +0800 (WST)
>*  Serial port
>How about using one of the 8 port chips. They come in a 68 lead PLCC.

Is this really necessary? This will probably get under Steve's (and
Jerry's) skin <grin>, but I think _one_ serial port on the motherboard
would be adequate. Remember, more can always be added with the ISA
bus... I mean seriously, the _CPU_ is only an 84 lead PLCC! <grin>

>*  Ethernet port
>I designed a card using the 7990, and I guess I could do it again.
>But, the 7990 was around in 1985, and there are better chips now.

Ok, so at least we have someone with enet experience on board. I
don't suppose you could tell me if there are any particular problems
with using an ISA card to do the networking? This could cut the
cost of the board a lot, while not necessarily reducing performance,
and make enet optional in the bargain. Are there any obvious
difficulties/problems doing it this way? Are PC enet cards particularly

>*  Diagnostics / monitor code
>What fun. I bet we will have to fight over who does this one.

Are you serious!? I'd _love_ to do this part! The problem for me is
going to be getting ROMs burned, although I think I can twist a
few arms around here...

BTW: I suggest we do a few introductions here. I'm Pat Mackinlay,
a 3rd year CS student down here in Australia. I've been working on
a similar kind of a project (on and off) with Steve Ligett and
Jerry Callen (both on this list now, I think). I'm in this to see
a viable alternative to the current PC i386/486 boards, hopefully
running Linux or something like that, with an eventual goal of
seeing the GNU Hurd up and running...

Next? <grin>

Pat -- "There's only one thing left to do Mama, I got to ding a ding dang
        my dang a long ling long" (Jesus Built My Hotrod -- Ministry)
GCS d* -p+ c++ l++ m--- s+/- !g w- t- r


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