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Subject: Re: Things & Stuff
From: Pat Mackinlay <SMACKINLA@cc.curtin.edu.au>
Date: 28 Jun 1993 21:21:04 +0800
Cc: riscy@pyramid.com
>There has been lots of noise about 34010 versus dumb frame buffers. Whilst I'm
>in favour of the 34010 solution, I though I'd mention the 34076 Video Systems
>Controller. The 34076 generates all the control and timing signals for a
>raster scan video system, you just add a blob of VRAM, and a DAC (Inmos make
>some nice ones, BTW), and Bob's yer aunty - instant dumb frame buffer.

Ok, this is what I was looking for. Any ideas on pricing? I hope TI still 
makes the thing. Does anyone know of any other chips that will provide 
similar stuff? While we're at it, perhaps you could let me (us) know why 
you do favour a 34010 solution? I personally would go for the dumb 
framebuffer if it were possible to do it cheaply enough...

>While I'm at it, don't go leaving the parallel printer port off of the
>motherboard. The cost of the necessary TTL octal latch is peanuts, so please
>do your penny pinching elsewhere!

Hmmm... My feelings here are that if we're going to put a parallel port and 
an FDC on the motherboard, it should only be done at the expense of the ISA 
(or other) I/O bus. A card with a parallel port and other junk costs 
virtually nothing. Putting a "real" parallel port (ie: bidirectional) on 
the motherboard would be a waste of board space and effort (IMHO).

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