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Subject: Re: Things
From: hodgen@informatik.uni-koblenz.de
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 93 14:01:57 MET DST
 Pat Mackinlay said     
>As for the guy that said he'd be willing to pay $1200 for the system, I 
>can't agree. In my mind, once you get over the US$800 mark, you'll be much 
>better off with a fully "commercial" system. As Neil mentioned before: if 
>all you want is a faster PC, by all means, go and buy one. I know it looks 
>like I'm harping on the point, but the price and complexity of this system 
>are the factors which will decide its fate.

Thats the point. I don't just want a faster PC, thats why I'm willing to wait
and pay more for something worth having.

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