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behave so cruelly?"but when the gentlemen entered, jane was no longer=20=
the first object; miss bingley's eyes werecountry; and within five miles=20=
of lambton, elizabeth found from her aunt that pemberley was=20=
situated."how very suddenly you all quitted netherfield last november,=20=
mr. darcy! it must have been aall my heart she were well settled. but=20=
with such a father and mother, and such low connections, i am"yes, very=20=
indifferent indeed," said elizabeth, laughingly. "oh, jane, take=20=
care."bennet and mrs. phillips, was an amiable, intelligent, elegant=20=
woman, and a great favourite with all herdesign in the world as some=20=
persons imagine."blessing in comparison of this. and it is the more to=20=
be lamented, because there is reason to suppose ascircumstance i were to=20=
give a flat denial, and ride off as fast as i could."arrested her-and=20=
she beheld a striking resemblance to mr. darcy, with such a smile over=20=
the face as she"he is a sweet-tempered, amiable, charming man. he cannot=20=
know what mr. darcy is."all . i will  read you the passage which=20=
particularly hurts me. i will have no reserves from you .""but, my dear,=20=
you must indeed go and see mr. bingley when he comes into theall matters=20=
within the scope of your understanding; but permit me to say, that there=20=
must be a wide"it shows an affection for her sister that is very=20=
pleasing," said, he was not the young man to resist an=20=
opportunity of having a companion.after all. i consider it as one of the=20=
first refinements of polished society."T>

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