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Re: custom kernel on lemote-3a-itx (Loongson-3A) crashes in userspace

To: Huacai Chen <>
Subject: Re: custom kernel on lemote-3a-itx (Loongson-3A) crashes in userspace
From: Mike Frysinger <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 03:14:25 -0500
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On 26 Feb 2015 15:47, Huacai Chen wrote:
> Please try the toolchain here:

thanks, but that's kind of dodgy and kind of defeats what i'm going for ;)
 - looks like binary-only
 - they're x86_64 binaries (i'm doing everything native here, so mips/n32)
 - is pretty old (gcc-4.5 / gcc-4.6 / binutils-2.21 / binutils-2.22)

that said, i installed Debian/mipsel(o32) into a chroot.  building with the 
sources & configs yielded a kernel that seems to be running OK -- i'm on 
mainline linux-3.19 now.  it too has an old toolchain: binutils-2.22 and 
gcc-4.6.4.  i guess there's a miscompilation / the kernel sources have problems 
with newer gcc versions.

installing older binutils in Gentoo was pretty easy, but trying to do gcc-4.6 
ran into an ICE while bootstrapping.  but at least it'll be easy to rule out 
weird assembler/linker problems.

might try to put together a script to rebuild the objects one-by-one with the 
newer compiler to try and narrow down the problem in the source.

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