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Re: MIPS: Hibernate: Flush TLB entries in swsusp_arch_resume()

To: 陈华才 <>
Subject: Re: MIPS: Hibernate: Flush TLB entries in swsusp_arch_resume()
From: Alexandre Oliva <>
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2014 03:55:55 -0300
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Thanks for your response,

On Jun  1, 2014, "陈华才" <> wrote:

> The original code flush both TLB and cache, and I think the original author 
> (Wu Zhangjin) has tested his code. In my patch I only restore the TLB flush, 
> but not the cache flush. Since Loongson-3A maintain cache coherency by 
> hardware, with or without cache flush will both OK. But for Loongson-2F, I 
> guess cache flush is also needed, but I have no Yeelong-2F to test now.

I'm afraid reintroducing the cache flush is not enough to bring the
kernel back to a working state, hibernation wise.  The last oops message
I saw, after the ones that flew by, had __arch_local_irq_restore at the
top of the backtrace, called by some function with resume in its name.

Any other suggestions?

Here's the patch I tried on top of yours, as an alternative to reverting
it, unfortunately without success:

--- arch/mips/power/hibernate.S
+++ arch/mips/power/hibernate.S
@@ -43,6 +43,9 @@
        bne t1, t3, 1b
        PTR_L t0, PBE_NEXT(t0)
        bnez t0, 0b
+       /* flush caches to make sure context is in memory */
+       PTR_L t0, __flush_cache_all
+       jalr t0
        jal local_flush_tlb_all /* Avoid TLB mismatch after kernel resume */
        PTR_LA t0, saved_regs
        PTR_L ra, PT_R31(t0)

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