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Re: [PATCH V16 00/12] MIPS: Add Loongson-3 based machines support

To: Huacai Chen <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH V16 00/12] MIPS: Add Loongson-3 based machines support
From: Andreas Barth <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 10:38:07 +0100
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* Huacai Chen ( [140108 03:45]:
> This patchset is prepared for the next 3.14 release for Linux/MIPS.
> Loongson-3 is a multi-core MIPS family CPU, it is MIPS64R2 compatible
> and has the same IMP field (0x6300) as Loongson-2. These patches make
> Linux kernel support Loongson-3 CPU and Loongson-3 based computers
> (including Laptop, Mini-ITX, All-In-One PC, etc.)

Your patch series already made some good progress, and so I hope that
we manage to get this patch merged during the next cycle (i.e. during

To achive this it would be good if you could incorporate the remaining
review comments into a new version and send it out soon. (We should
try to get it ready as soon as possible even if it won't be in 3.14,
so that we are sure to really reach 3.15 and not be delayed again.)


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