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R2300 (not the hay baler)

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Subject: R2300 (not the hay baler)
From: Paul Burton <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 11:07:22 +0000
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Does anyone still care about the R2300? I ask because I'm working on
the FP context switching code & noticed that I'm pretty sure the
fpu_save_single & fpu_restore_single macros used only from
r2300_switch.S are broken. They store each 32 bit value at the start
of the location of the 64 bit FP registers context in memory, which I

1) Won't work for odd indexed FP registers with the FPU emulator,
   ptrace or other code which assumes that 32 bit FP data is held in
   the even-indexed 64 bit FP register context.

2) On big endian systems the 32 bit values will get saved to the most
   significant bits of the 64 bit context which I imagine will cause
   yet more problems.

It seems like the only changes to r2300_switch.S for a *long* time have
been to keep it in sync with r4k_switch.S & the CPU is old enough that
all I get when I google for it is information about some hay baler.

In short: does anyone care if I just submit a patch removing the R2300
code instead of blindly attempting to fix it up?


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