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Re: Release of Linux MTI-3.10-LTS kernel.

To: Aaro Koskinen <>
Subject: Re: Release of Linux MTI-3.10-LTS kernel.
From: "Steven J. Hill" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:52:25 -0600
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On 11/12/2013 03:02 PM, Aaro Koskinen wrote:

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 09:18:18AM -0600, Steven J. Hill wrote:
Imagination Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its
3.10 LTS (Long-Term Support) MIPS kernel. The changelog below is
based off the stable Linux 3.10.14 release done by Greg
Kroah-Hartman in commit
8c15abc94c737f9120d3d4a550abbcbb9be121f6 back on October 1st. The
code repository is hosted at the Linux/MIPS project GIT:;a=summary

We look forward to any comments or feedback.

Why multiple MIPS stable trees? There's already also;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/linux-3.10-stable?

We track 'linux-stable' because the ones on LMO have too much lag.

Also 3.10.14 sounds quite old. Are you sure you are not missing any
important fixes?

We ran this kernel on 20 different board/core combinations. They ran our stress test suite continuously for over a week at 100% load with no failures. We have high confidence in this particular release. There are always bugs, so your question is somewhat ridiculous. Regarding age, go ask the Android team why the latest KitKat release is running a 3.4.0 kernel and not the latest and greatest.

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