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[ADMIN] Gmail mail issue

Subject: [ADMIN] Gmail mail issue
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 13:12:51 +0200
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Recently Google rolled out an update to the SMTP software which due to a
bug, was not able to correctly interoperat with Zmailer, the mailer daemon
being used on  Due to the resulting bounces all users of
gmail (including other domains that funnel their email through Google's
SMTP servers) got unsubscribed on Saturday, August 17.

To give you an idea of the order of issue, about 44% of the subscribers
of the linux-mips mailing list got unsubscribed.

I've resubscribed all users based on log files.  There were a bunch of
postings between the 17th and now but those got archived in the linux-mips
mailing list's archive.

The only thing I was able to restore is the subscription status but not
the Ecartis password or any options.  If you need the password, please
follow the "lost password" procedure, that is go to

enter your email address, leave the password empty and click on the
"click here to Log in" button and follow the instructions in the email
that will be mailed to you.


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