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Complete kernel source trees for ERLite-3.

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Subject: Complete kernel source trees for ERLite-3.
From: "Steven J. Hill" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 14:16:15 -0500
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If anyone is interested I have created the complete original kernel source trees for the v1.0.2, v1.1.0 and v1.2.0 firmware releases on the ERLite-3. They were made from the following components:

   * Cavium SDK 2.0.0 - free download from <>
   * git tag ''

   * GPL.ERLite-3.v1.0.2.4507738.tbz2 - free download from <>
     * source/kernel_4503552-gcc4cdf7.tgz
     * source/cavm-executive_4493936-g009d77b.tgz

    * GPL.ER-e100.v1.1.0.4543695.tbz2 - free download from <>
      * source/kernel_4539683-g7b3312f.tgz
      * source/cavm-executive_4539683-g6868fcf.tgz

    * GPL.ER-e100.v1.2.0.4574253.tbz2 - free download from <>
      * source/kernel_4567941-g0568484.tgz
      * source/cavm-executive_4567941-gcc0028b.tgz

git repo:   git://
  branch:   erlite3-2.6
    tags:   erlite3-v1.0.2, erlite3-v1.1.0, erlite3-v1.2.0

I also created a 'arch/mips/configs/erlite3_defconfig' config file to make things easier. I can confirm that using the 'erlite3-v1.0.2' tag my built kernel worked perfectly with my ERLite-3, since it has not had a firmware upgrade yet. All the existing modules including the proprietary ones worked. However, do not mix kernel and firmware versions if you are going to build the kernel from source. Special thanks to An-Cheng Huang for his help and answering all my questions.


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