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c17a6554 broke 64BIT_PHYS_ADDR for 32 bit systems

Subject: c17a6554 broke 64BIT_PHYS_ADDR for 32 bit systems
From: Thomas Lange <>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2013 20:11:48 +0200
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Dear Ralf,

commit c17a6554 unintentionally(?) modified the PAGE_MASK type
from (int) to (long unsigned int).

This breaks ioremap (and possibly more) when using 64BIT_PHYS_ADDR on
32 bit systems.
Example of failing code from ioremap.c:

        phys_addr &= PAGE_MASK;

Since phys_addr is 64 bit (unsigned long long) when 64BIT_PHYS_ADDR and
PAGE_MASK is 32bit (long unsigned int), the upper 32 bits will always
be zeroed which is not what we want/expect.

The code above works if PAGE_MASK is a _signed_ 32bit int though.

Some possible fixes:

A) Simply revert the commit. Makes ioremap work again, but then PAGE_MASK
   is a signed int. Do we really want a mask that is 'signed'?

B) Don't use PAGE_MASK for physical addresses. x86 defines this:

  /* Cast PAGE_MASK to a signed type so that it is sign-extended if
     virtual addresses are 32-bits but physical addresses are larger
     (ie, 32-bit PAE). */
  #define PHYSICAL_PAGE_MASK    (((signed long)PAGE_MASK) & __PHYSICAL_MASK)

  Perhaps mips need something similar?

This is an issue with 3.8 and doesn't seem to be solved in master either.


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