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[mips-sjhill:mti-next 7/16] (.init.text+0x1f28): undefined reference to

To: "Steven J. Hill" <>
Subject: [mips-sjhill:mti-next 7/16] (.init.text+0x1f28): undefined reference to `except_vec3_r4000'
From: kbuild test robot <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 01:24:06 +0800
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tree:   git:// mti-next
head:   ee9f3f81f9862ff37e0e98e1539d084a34c8445b
commit: 033dc27ea782e36d34102f13e26ed7f27ce1aa3d [7/16] MIPS: Add support for 
microMIPS exception handling.
config: make ARCH=mips allnoconfig

All error/warnings:

arch/mips/built-in.o: In function `trap_init':
(.init.text+0x1f28): undefined reference to `except_vec3_r4000'
arch/mips/built-in.o: In function `trap_init':
(.init.text+0x1f2c): undefined reference to `except_vec3_r4000'

0-DAY kernel build testing backend         Open Source Technology Center
Fengguang Wu, Yuanhan Liu                              Intel Corporation

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