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Re: linux 3.6.3 mips64 mtd jffs2 unmount issue

To: Jacob Burkholder <>
Subject: Re: linux 3.6.3 mips64 mtd jffs2 unmount issue
From: "Jayachandran C." <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 13:39:00 +0530
Cc: "" <>
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On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 2:21 AM, Jacob Burkholder
<> wrote:
> Greetings!
> We are having an issue with linux 3.6.3 on mips64 with mtd and jffs2.
> The platform is a custom Broadcom XLS board.  The issue occurs when a
> jffs2 is unmounted.  It does not occur with ubifs for what its worth.
> What happens is the bdi-default thread gets an unaligned kernel access
> exception.  The unaligned exception is a red herring, the address is
> aligned but it is a bad address.  A boot log and stack trace from the
> bdi-default thread is included below as well as some gdb debugging
> output.  I tracked this down to the backing_dev_info structures that
> are used with mtd devices, mtd_bdi_unmappable, mtd_bdi_ro_mappable,
> mtd_bdi_rw_mappable, in mtdcore.c around line 338.  The mtd device in
> question is nand so uses the mtd_bdi_unmappable backing_dev_info is
> used.  When the jffs2 is unmounted the the bdi_forker_thread gets a
> KILL_THREAD signal and calls bdi_clear_pending on the backing_dev_info
> structure mentioned above.  This is turn calls
> wake_up_bit(&bdi->state, BDI_pending);, wake_up_bit looks up the zone
> for the page that the passed address is in and this seems to be the
> problem.  The backing_dev_info structures are statically allocated in
> the kernel data section and these addresses don't seem to have a vm
> zone structure.  I set a breakpoint in wake_up_bit and can that it gets
> called on other addresses which all start with 0xa8000000, finally it
> gets passed the address in the mtd_bdi_unmappable structure and then
> crashes.  I changed the backing_dev_info structures to be allocated
> with kzalloc and the problem goes away and jffs2 generally works.
> We link our kernel at address 0xffffffff80100000 and this is what our
> bootloader expects.  I tried to change this to link at 0xa800000001000000,
> which would seem to put the kernel data section where the bdi thread
> expects its backing_dev_info structures to be allocated, but our
> bootloader won't boot the image and I don't know if its the correct way
> to deal with the problem.  I don't think this is an mtd problem since
> other platforms use these files unmodified, so not sure where to start.
> Thanks for any hints.

We had seen the same issue here, and worked around it the same way
(i.e use dynamic allocation for the backing dev structures).

I ran across a similar issue in using built-in DTB (basically, kernel
data address does not work for virt_to_phys/phys_to_virt in 64-bit
when the load address is in CKSEG0).  There I did something like this:

ptr = phys_to_virt(__pa(kernel_data_ptr));

This works since __pa knows about CKSEG0 addresses in 64bit.


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