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Re: [alsa-devel] [PATCH V4 12/16] ALSA: HDA: Make hda sound card usable

To: Takashi Iwai <>
Subject: Re: [alsa-devel] [PATCH V4 12/16] ALSA: HDA: Make hda sound card usable for Loongson.
From: Chen Jie <>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 11:35:15 +0800
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2012/8/3 Takashi Iwai <>:
> At Fri, 3 Aug 2012 18:36:40 +0800,
> Huacai Chen wrote:
>> We write these quirks on 2.6.36 some time ago, and then we port them
>> to 3.x (3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5). As you say, PMON (BIOS for Loongson)
>> doesn't set the pins correctly. Anyway, I'll try your suggestions.
> Thanks.  I guess it should work by just adding a new entry for your
> device in cxt_fixups[] containing the right default pin-configuration
> table, then point it in cxt5066_fixups[] with the corresponding PCI
> (or codec) SSID.
> Takashi

I've found it is a little difficult to get proper pincfg values. The
original patch builds  'input/output path' manually, the new way does
it automatically as long as providing proper pincfgs for 'end points'.

I tried to copy related pincfgs from a workable lemote a1004
laptop(kernel with the original patch, read from
/proc/asound/card0/codec#0), didn't help much.

I guess the pincfgs are not correct, and on the platform, the pincfgs
are not touched by BIOS, so I have to calculate proper pincfgs, how?

HDA spec explains a pincfg as four bytes. For each byte, it has bits
indicate amp/in/out/vref/ept.

In the kernel side, it reads a pincfg and explains it as a 32bits
flag, indicating

Why they differ? How to get proper pincfg values?

-- Chen Jie

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