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Bypass "find_busiest_queue" in VSMP (SMVP) mode

Subject: Bypass "find_busiest_queue" in VSMP (SMVP) mode
From: Suprasad Mutalik Desai <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 15:56:20 +0530
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Hi All,

Currently i am running SMVP mode (2 VPEs each having one TC) on MIPS 34Kc . 

W.r.t load balancing logic,
load_balance --> find_busiest_group (find the busiest group in the domain) --> find_busiest_queue (find the busiest runqueue among the cpus in group)

In SMVP mode, each VPE is referred as groups and these VPEs (groups) have *ONLY* one TC (CPU) so do we still need to run "find_busiest_queue" to get the busiest runqueue among the cpus of a particular group .

Instead of "find_busiest_queue" , can we use below code in "linux-" ,

+       cpu = cpumask_first(sched_group_cpus(group))  / * get the first CPU in the busiest group */
+       busiest = cpu_rq (cpu)                        /* assign the runqueue of the cpu to busiest */
        busiest = find_busiest_queue(group, idle, imbalance, cpus);

Please let me know your views .

Thanks and Regards,
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