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some question about mips mtc0/mfc0 usage

To: Linux MIPS List <>
Subject: some question about mips mtc0/mfc0 usage
From: loody <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 01:09:12 +0800
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Hi all:
My mips is 24k core series, and I have some questions when I using mtc0/mfc0.
1. no matter what "spacing" in the execution-hazard or
instruction-hazard, is it enough to use "ehb" and "JALR.HB" once?
below is excerpted from the spec.

producer        consumer
                hazard on        spacing
MTC0        -> Interrupted  instruction
            Status              2
MTC0        ->Load/Store  affected by new state
   StatusER       3
MTC0        -> Coprocessor   instruction affected by new state       StatusCU 4
MTC0        -> Instruction    fetch  seeing the new value
      EntryHiASID 10

Are there any example which can tell me what does
" Interrupted instruction"
"Load/Store affected by new state"
"Coprocessor instruction affected by new state"
" Instruction fetch seeing the new value"

Thanks for your help in advance,

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