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Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Add emulation for fpureg-mem unaligned access

To: Jonas Gorski <>,,
Subject: Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Add emulation for fpureg-mem unaligned access
From: Lluís Batlle i Rossell <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:58:47 +0200
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Hello again,

On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 02:15:13PM +0200, Lluís Batlle i Rossell wrote:
> > From what I can tell, ldc1 is a valid MIPS32 instruction, so this
> > should probably be something like
> > 
> >         case ld_op:
> > #ifndef CONFIG_64BIT
> >                 return sigill;
> > #endif
> I agree! I'll repost with these fixes.

Well, I think I take my words back. Handling the ldc1/sdc1 cases in MIPS32 is
tricker than I thought first, because I can't use ldl/ldr or sdl/sdr there.
Given my ability with mips assembly, I leave the patch as is.

In 'patchwork' I had set the patch first to superseeded, but then I set it back
to New.


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