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xway_nand does not build

To: John Crispin <>
Subject: xway_nand does not build
From: Artem Bityutskiy <>
Date: Tue, 08 May 2012 14:00:38 +0300
Cc: MIPS Mailing List <>, MTD Maling List <>
Hi John,

I get the following build error when building xway_nand.c:

dedekind@blue:~/git/l2-mtd$ make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mips-linux-
  CHK     include/linux/version.h
  CHK     include/generated/utsrelease.h
  UPD     include/generated/utsrelease.h
  CALL    scripts/
  CHK     include/generated/compile.h
  CC      init/version.o
  LD      init/built-in.o
  CC      kernel/sys.o
  LD      kernel/built-in.o
  LD      drivers/mtd/nand/nand.o
  CC      drivers/mtd/nand/xway_nand.o
drivers/mtd/nand/xway_nand.c: In function 'xway_select_chip':
drivers/mtd/nand/xway_nand.c:78:3: error: implicit declaration of function 
'ltq_ebu_w32_mask' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
cc1: some warnings being treated as errors
make[3]: *** [drivers/mtd/nand/xway_nand.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [drivers/mtd/nand] Error 2
make[1]: *** [drivers/mtd] Error 2
make: *** [drivers] Error 2

and I cannot figure out how to fix this. This build failure makes
me really unhappy and shame on me I did not notice it before, of
course. Would you have a fix?

I am attaching the defconfig which I used.

Best Regards,
Artem Bityutskiy

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