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NFS data corruption on 3.4

To: Linux-MIPS <>
Subject: NFS data corruption on 3.4
From: Manuel Lauss <>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 18:13:53 +0200
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I'm seeing an NFS data corruption problem on 3.4-rcX kernels:
I copy the rootfs (~8 GB of data) from the DB1200 board using
NFSv3 over to another machine, and a tiny fraction of files
(~10 out of >300k) are corrupted on the target; interestingly it's
always the same ones.

In the case of /usr/bin/dbus-daemon, which is 464144 bytes in size,
bytes ranging from offset 36865 (so 32768 + 1x 4k page + 1) to 65535
are garbage, every time.

I haven't seen this with my x86/x64 machines, and also not with 3.3 or
earlier versions.

Does anyone have an idea?

        Manuel Lauss

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