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Re: [PATCH] net: meth: Add set_rx_mode hook to fix ICMPv6 neighbor disco

To: David Miller <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] net: meth: Add set_rx_mode hook to fix ICMPv6 neighbor discovery
From: Joshua Kinard <>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 10:13:29 -0500
In-reply-to: <>
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On 12/17/2011 21:56, David Miller wrote:

>> +            netdev_for_each_mc_addr(ha, dev)
>> +                    set_bit((ether_crc(ETH_ALEN, ha->addr) >> 26),
>> +                                (volatile long unsigned int 
>> *)&priv->mcast_filter);
> This makes an assumption not only about the size of the "unsigned long"
> type, but also of the endianness of the architecture this runs on.

Can you give me some tips on this one?  au1000_eth.c does the same thing,
and I'm not seeing what the endian issue is exactly.  Is it the >> 26 part
or the use of ether_crc?  I see there's an ether_crc_le, too, and some
drivers also do the >> 26 bit on it as well.

Which is correct?  The few drivers I've looked at don't exactly spell out
this part of the code, and are usually doing something different because
most seem to access the multicast filter register in either 8-bits or
32-bits.  MACE ethernet seems to be one of the few doing it in full 64-bits.


Joshua Kinard
4096R/D25D95E3 2011-03-28

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