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[MIPS]clocks_calc_mult_shift() may gen a too big mult value

To:, LKML <>
Subject: [MIPS]clocks_calc_mult_shift() may gen a too big mult value
From: Chen Jie <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:00:58 +0800
Cc:,, yanhua <>, 项宇 <>, zhangfx <>, 孙海勇 <>
Hi all,

On MIPS, with maxsec=4, clocks_calc_mult_shift() may generate a very
big mult, which may easily cause timekeeper.mult overflow within
timekeeping jobs.

e.g. when clock freq was 250000500(i.e. mips_hpt_frequency=250000500,
and the CPU Freq will be 250000500*2=500001000), mult will be

Attachment is a script that calculates mult values for CPU Freq
between 400050000 and 500050000, with 1KHz step. It outputs mult
values greater than 0xf0000000:
CPU Freq:500001000, mult:0xffffde72, shift:30
CPU Freq:500002000, mult:0xffffbce4, shift:30
CPU Freq:500003000, mult:0xffff9b56, shift:30
CPU Freq:500004000, mult:0xffff79c9, shift:30

The peak value appears around CPU_freq=500001000.

To avoid this, it may need:
1. Supply a bigger maxsec value?
2. In clocks_calc_mult_shift(), pick next mult/shift pair if mult is
too big? Then maxsec will not be strictly obeyed.
3. Change timekeeper.mult to u64?
4. ...

Any idea?

- Chen Jie

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