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Re: using mprotect to write to .text

To: Joe Buehler <>
Subject: Re: using mprotect to write to .text
From: David Daney <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 11:43:20 -0700
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Two points you may not be aware of:

1) cacheflush() clears all hazards.

2) There are no hazards on Octeon.

On 10/11/2011 11:35 AM, Joe Buehler wrote:
David Daney wrote:

I cannot parse the meaning out of these last two sentences.  The
cacheflush() system call both exists and works.  You want to change it?

Let me rewind a bit.  I have a multithreaded binary running on multiple
physical CPUs.  As part of a debugging mechanism, I want to make changes
to .text from a thread dedicated to the purpose.  This requires at the
least icache flushes on all CPUs but also hazard avoidance measures on
all CPUs.  So I understand anyway.

The cacheflush call will do the flush but not the hazard avoidance.  In
order to solve my particular issue I am thinking about adding the hazard
avoidance into cacheflush for my particular application.  It is not a
question of cacheflush being wrong, but of extending it to meet my
needs.  In fact, it seems like a useful change -- it will allow an
application to do exactly what I want to do, and easily so, and would
seem a logical place for the functionality to reside.

Sorry if I seem a bit muddled -- this is extremely low level and not
what I deal with day to day.

Joe Buehler

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