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Re: How to describe I2C and MDIO bus multiplexers with the device tree?

To:, Grant Likely <>
Subject: Re: How to describe I2C and MDIO bus multiplexers with the device tree?
From: David Daney <>
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 15:11:51 -0700
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On 08/03/2011 03:04 PM, David Daney wrote:

I have a board (ASCII art representation below) that has a bunch of
PHY devices that are connected behind a MDIO bus switch/multiplexer.
This multiplexer is in turn controlled by GPIO pins on a I2C GPIO port
expander. which is in turn on a I2C bus switch/multiplexer.

There is another switch/multiplexer that is controlled directly via I2C.

Q: How can this be represented?

My attempt is below...

| | |
| |--------------| | |

Crap, my mailer ate the ASCII art.

Attached is the text file that should make it through.

Some notes/questions:

o mdio-mux@0 is a child of soc@0, but conceptually it might just as
well be floating in space.

o The parent-bus property of both mdio-mux@0 and mdio-mux@77 denotes
the connection of the multiplexer to its 'parent' bus.

o The cell-index property of the multiplexed bus instances denotes the
sub-bus of the switch/multiplexer the children are connected to.
Would a different property name be better here?

o For mdio-mux@0 the driver will use the cell-index to determine how
to program the gpios that control the switch/multiplexer.

Am I totally insane?
David Daney

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