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Re: [RFC][PATCH 01/10] bcma: Use array to store cores.

To: Rafał Miłecki <>
Subject: Re: [RFC][PATCH 01/10] bcma: Use array to store cores.
From: "Arend van Spriel" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 12:09:48 +0200
Cc: "Hauke Mehrtens" <>, "Arnd Bergmann" <>, "Greg KH" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>
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On 06/06/2011 11:42 AM, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
Greg, Arnd: could you take a look at this patch, please?

With proposed patch we are going back to this ugly array and wrappers hacks.

I was really happy with our final solution, but it seems it's not
doable for embedded systems...? Is there something better we can do
about this?

I do agree with Rafał that we should look for another alternative. I posted a suggestion earlier regarding this patch. Can anyone tell me whether that could prevent need for the array/wrapper hack.

Gr. AvS

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