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[Bug]syscall fanotify_mark is broken when called indirectly in o32 user

Subject: [Bug]syscall fanotify_mark is broken when called indirectly in o32 user land + n64 kernel.
From: Chen Jie <>
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 12:19:39 +0000
Original-recipient: rfc822;
Hi all,

In an o32 user land + n64 kernel, calling 'fanotify_mark' indirectly
will always fail due to alignment[1]:
syscall(_NR_fanotify_mark, fanotify_fd, flags, mask, dfd, pathname)

The prototype of fanotify_mark is "fanotify_mark (int fanotify_fd,
unsigned int flags,  __u64 mask, int dfd, const char  __user *
pathname)", which has a 64bit argument.

In the case of o32 user land + n64 kernel and indirect syscall:
1. User calls libc routine syscall(...), MIPS ABI enforce a padding
word before argument 'mask' to make it 64bit-aligned. The padding word
resides at a3 register.
2. Kernel fetches 4 32bit arguments from a0-a3, and then 4 32bit
arguments from stack.
3. Kernel shifts arguments by one, then redirects to sys_32_fanotify_mark.
4. sys_32_fanotify_mark synthesizes the 64bit argument 'mask' by
merge_64(a2, a3), note a2 is the padding word, so the synthesized
argument is invalid.

The syscall routine in libc doesn't know the prototype, so it can't do
anything. It seems the bug of syscall handling code, any idea?

Chen Jie

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