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RE: SMTC support status in latest git head.

To: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>, "Anoop P A" <>
Subject: RE: SMTC support status in latest git head.
From: "Anoop P.A." <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 12:06:57 -0800
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Thread-topic: SMTC support status in latest git head.
OK. I will check it.

BTW following patch is responsible for irq change.;a=commitdiff;h=df9ee29270c11dba7d0fe0b83ce47a4d8e8d2101

From: Kevin D. Kissell [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 12:23 AM
To: Anoop P A
Subject: Re: SMTC support status in latest git head.

OK, I see why the MT register dump isn't giving us useful information.  It's 
not clear that it's at the root of your functional problems, though.  
Apparently, somebody decided that it was unwholesome to propagate anything 
other than the previous interrupt enable state in the flags variable passed 
between irq_save() and irq_restore().  I agree philosophically, but it does 
break the MT register dump function.  And I'm quite sure that there were other 
bits of SMTC code that knew that it was a TCStatus value, at least in the 
earliest versions of the code.  I'm not a gitweb power user,  but I haven't 
been able to figure out how to determine when the "andi \\result 0x400" on or 
about line 138 of irqflags.h (at least that's where it is in the head of tree) 
was checked-in.  If it's at the boundary between working and non-working 
versions for SMTC, it might be the cause of the problems, but it may well not 
be responsible for anything other than the problem with reporting the value in 
the MT register dump - which really ought to be fixed.

I'm in a small village in France for the holidays with no git/build system at 
my disposal, but I think that if you were to tweak mips-mt.c at line 103 to 

        tcstatval = flags; /* And pre-dump TCStatus is flags */


        to something more like


        /* Pre-dump TCStatus Interrupt Inhibit bit is in flags variable

        tcstatval = (read_c0_tcstatus() & ~0x400) | flags;


        should fix the dump.


            Kevin K.

On 12/20/10 2:44 AM, Anoop P A wrote: 
Hi Kevin,

Please find disassembly  for mips_mt_reg_dump


Disassembly of section .text:

00000000 <mips_mt_regdump>:
  0:   27bdffb8        addiu   sp,sp,-72
  4:   00802821        move    a1,a0
  8:   afbf0044        sw      ra,68(sp)
  c:   afbe0040        sw      s8,64(sp)
 10:   afb7003c        sw      s7,60(sp)
 14:   afb60038        sw      s6,56(sp)
 18:   afb50034        sw      s5,52(sp)
 1c:   afb40030        sw      s4,48(sp)
 20:   afb3002c        sw      s3,44(sp)
 24:   afb20028        sw      s2,40(sp)
 28:   afb10024        sw      s1,36(sp)
 2c:   afb00020        sw      s0,32(sp)
 30:   40141001        mfc0    s4,c0_tcstatus
 34:   36810400        ori     at,s4,0x400
 38:   40811001        mtc0    at,c0_tcstatus
 3c:   32940400        andi    s4,s4,0x400
 40:   000000c0        ehb
 44:   41610001        dvpe    at
 48:   0020a821        move    s5,at
 4c:   000000c0        ehb
 50:   3c020000        lui     v0,0x0
 54:   24420060        addiu   v0,v0,96
 58:   00400408        jr.hb   v0
 5c:   00000000        nop
 60:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 64:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 68:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 6c:   afa50010        sw      a1,16(sp)
 70:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 74:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 78:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 7c:   8fa50010        lw      a1,16(sp)
 80:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 84:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 88:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 8c:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 90:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 94:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 98:   02a02821        move    a1,s5
 9c:   40110002        mfc0    s1,c0_mvpconf0
 a0:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 a4:   02202821        move    a1,s1
 a8:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 ac:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 b0:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 b4:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 b8:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 bc:   7e331a80        ext     s3,s1,0xa,0x4
 c0:   3c090000        lui     t1,0x0
 c4:   323100ff        andi    s1,s1,0xff
 c8:   3c080000        lui     t0,0x0
 cc:   3c030000        lui     v1,0x0
 d0:   3c1e0000        lui     s8,0x0
 d4:   3c170000        lui     s7,0x0
 d8:   3c160000        lui     s6,0x0
 dc:   3c0a0000        lui     t2,0x0
 e0:   26730001        addiu   s3,s3,1
 e4:   26310001        addiu   s1,s1,1
 e8:   00008021        move    s0,zero
 ec:   2412ff00        li      s2,-256
 f0:   25290000        addiu   t1,t1,0
 f4:   25080000        addiu   t0,t0,0
 f8:   24630000        addiu   v1,v1,0
 fc:   27de0000        addiu   s8,s8,0
 100:   26f70000        addiu   s7,s7,0
 104:   26d60000        addiu   s6,s6,0
 108:   254a0000        addiu   t2,t2,0
 10c:   00001021        move    v0,zero
 110:   40040801        mfc0    a0,c0_vpecontrol
 114:   00922024        and     a0,a0,s2
 118:   00442025        or      a0,v0,a0
 11c:   40840801        mtc0    a0,c0_vpecontrol
 120:   000000c0        ehb
 124:   41020802        mftc0   at,c0_tcbind
 128:   00202021        move    a0,at
 12c:   24420001        addiu   v0,v0,1
 130:   3084000f        andi    a0,a0,0xf
 134:   12040031        beq     s0,a0,1fc <mips_mt_regdump+0x1fc>
 138:   0051282a        slt     a1,v0,s1
 13c:   14a0fff4        bnez    a1,110 <mips_mt_regdump+0x110>
 140:   00000000        nop
 144:   26100001        addiu   s0,s0,1
 148:   0213102a        slt     v0,s0,s3
 14c:   1440fff0        bnez    v0,110 <mips_mt_regdump+0x110>
 150:   00001021        move    v0,zero
 154:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 158:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 15c:   3c1e0000        lui     s8,0x0
 160:   3c170000        lui     s7,0x0
 164:   3c160000        lui     s6,0x0
 168:   3c130000        lui     s3,0x0
 16c:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 170:   3c120000        lui     s2,0x0
 174:   00008021        move    s0,zero
 178:   27de0000        addiu   s8,s8,0
 17c:   26f70000        addiu   s7,s7,0
 180:   26d60000        addiu   s6,s6,0
 184:   26730000        addiu   s3,s3,0
 188:   26520000        addiu   s2,s2,0
 18c:   40020801        mfc0    v0,c0_vpecontrol
 190:   2403ff00        li      v1,-256
 194:   00431024        and     v0,v0,v1
 198:   02021025        or      v0,s0,v0
 19c:   40820801        mtc0    v0,c0_vpecontrol
 1a0:   000000c0        ehb
 1a4:   41020802        mftc0   at,c0_tcbind
 1a8:   00201821        move    v1,at
 1ac:   40021002        mfc0    v0,c0_tcbind
 1b0:   1062003f        beq     v1,v0,2b0 <mips_mt_regdump+0x2b0>
 1b4:   00000000        nop
 1b8:   41020804        mftc0   at,c0_tchalt
 1bc:   00201821        move    v1,at
 1c0:   24020001        li      v0,1
 1c4:   00400821        move    at,v0
 1c8:   41811004        mttc0   at,c0_tchalt
 1cc:   41020801        mftc0   at,c0_tcstatus
 1d0:   00203021        move    a2,at
 1d4:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 1d8:   02002821        move    a1,s0
 1dc:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 1e0:   afa3001c        sw      v1,28(sp)
 1e4:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 1e8:   afa60010        sw      a2,16(sp)
 1ec:   8fa60010        lw      a2,16(sp)
 1f0:   8fa3001c        lw      v1,28(sp)
 1f4:   080000b2        j       2c8 <mips_mt_regdump+0x2c8>
 1f8:   00c02821        move    a1,a2
 1fc:   01202021        move    a0,t1
 200:   02002821        move    a1,s0
 204:   afa3001c        sw      v1,28(sp)
 208:   afa80014        sw      t0,20(sp)
 20c:   afa90010        sw      t1,16(sp)
 210:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 214:   afaa0018        sw      t2,24(sp)
 218:   41010801        mftc0   at,c0_vpecontrol
 21c:   00202821        move    a1,at
 220:   8fa80014        lw      t0,20(sp)
 224:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 228:   01002021        move    a0,t0
 22c:   41010802        mftc0   at,c0_vpeconf0
 230:   00202821        move    a1,at
 234:   8fa3001c        lw      v1,28(sp)
 238:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 23c:   00602021        move    a0,v1
 240:   410c0800        mftc0   at,c0_status
 244:   00203021        move    a2,at
 248:   03c02021        move    a0,s8
 24c:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 250:   02002821        move    a1,s0
 254:   410e0800        mftc0   at,c0_epc
 258:   00203021        move    a2,at
 25c:   410e0800        mftc0   at,c0_epc
 260:   00203821        move    a3,at
 264:   02e02021        move    a0,s7
 268:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 26c:   02002821        move    a1,s0
 270:   410d0800        mftc0   at,c0_cause
 274:   00203021        move    a2,at
 278:   02c02021        move    a0,s6
 27c:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 280:   02002821        move    a1,s0
 284:   41100807        mftc0   at,$16,7
 288:   00203021        move    a2,at
 28c:   8faa0018        lw      t2,24(sp)
 290:   02002821        move    a1,s0
 294:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 298:   01402021        move    a0,t2
 29c:   8fa3001c        lw      v1,28(sp)
 2a0:   8fa80014        lw      t0,20(sp)
 2a4:   8fa90010        lw      t1,16(sp)
 2a8:   08000051        j       144 <mips_mt_regdump+0x144>
 2ac:   8faa0018        lw      t2,24(sp)
 2b0:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 2b4:   02002821        move    a1,s0
 2b8:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 2bc:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 2c0:   00001821        move    v1,zero
 2c4:   02802821        move    a1,s4
 2c8:   03c02021        move    a0,s8
 2cc:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 2d0:   afa3001c        sw      v1,28(sp)
 2d4:   41020802        mftc0   at,c0_tcbind
 2d8:   00202821        move    a1,at
 2dc:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 2e0:   02e02021        move    a0,s7
 2e4:   41020803        mftc0   at,c0_tcrestart
 2e8:   00202821        move    a1,at
 2ec:   41020803        mftc0   at,c0_tcrestart
 2f0:   00203021        move    a2,at
 2f4:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 2f8:   02c02021        move    a0,s6
 2fc:   8fa3001c        lw      v1,28(sp)
 300:   02602021        move    a0,s3
 304:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 308:   00602821        move    a1,v1
 30c:   41020805        mftc0   at,c0_tccontext
 310:   00202821        move    a1,at
 314:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 318:   02402021        move    a0,s2
 31c:   8fa3001c        lw      v1,28(sp)
 320:   14600003        bnez    v1,330 <mips_mt_regdump+0x330>
 324:   00001021        move    v0,zero
 328:   00400821        move    at,v0
 32c:   41811004        mttc0   at,c0_tchalt
 330:   26100001        addiu   s0,s0,1
 334:   0211102a        slt     v0,s0,s1
 338:   1440ff94        bnez    v0,18c <mips_mt_regdump+0x18c>
 33c:   00000000        nop
 340:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 344:   32b50001        andi    s5,s5,0x1
 348:   3c040000        lui     a0,0x0
 34c:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 350:   24840000        addiu   a0,a0,0
 354:   12a00004        beqz    s5,368 <mips_mt_regdump+0x368>
 358:   32820400        andi    v0,s4,0x400
 35c:   41600021        evpe
 360:   000000c0        ehb
 364:   32820400        andi    v0,s4,0x400
 368:   14400003        bnez    v0,378 <mips_mt_regdump+0x378>
 36c:   00000000        nop
 370:   0c000000        jal     0 <mips_mt_regdump>
 374:   00000000        nop
 378:   40011001        mfc0    at,c0_tcstatus
 37c:   32940400        andi    s4,s4,0x400
 380:   34210400        ori     at,at,0x400
 384:   38210400        xori    at,at,0x400
 388:   0281a025        or      s4,s4,at
 38c:   40941001        mtc0    s4,c0_tcstatus
 390:   000000c0        ehb
 394:   8fbf0044        lw      ra,68(sp)
 398:   8fbe0040        lw      s8,64(sp)
 39c:   8fb7003c        lw      s7,60(sp)
 3a0:   8fb60038        lw      s6,56(sp)
 3a4:   8fb50034        lw      s5,52(sp)
 3a8:   8fb40030        lw      s4,48(sp)
 3ac:   8fb3002c        lw      s3,44(sp)
 3b0:   8fb20028        lw      s2,40(sp)
 3b4:   8fb10024        lw      s1,36(sp)
 3b8:   8fb00020        lw      s0,32(sp)
 3bc:   03e00008        jr      ra
 3c0:   27bd0048        addiu   sp,sp,72

On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 3:05 AM, Kevin D. Kissell <> wrote:
So, Anoop, if you get a minute for this any time in the next day or so
(after which I'll have very limited net access until next year), could you
please do an <mumble>-mips<mumble>-objdump --disassemble of your kernel
image (or even just the mips-mt.o module) from a failing kernel build and
post the disassembly of mips_mt_regdump()?  The confirmation or refutation
of the theory about local_irq_save() no longer being built correctly for
SMTC would be within the first few instructions...


On 12/16/10 11:58, Kevin D. Kissell wrote:
Ralf tells me that this message got blocked by the LMO server due to HTML
So here it is again, textier.

On 12/16/10 11:24, Kevin D. Kissell wrote:
On 12/16/10 07:37, STUART VENTERS wrote:

Two other possible clues:

The EVP is clear in the MVPControl register.
Does this say that only VPE0, T0 gets to run?
That's correct.  In the maxtcs=1/maxvpes=1 boot state, it wouldn't matter.
 It's just possible that setting EVP is conditional on more than one VPE
being used, but that's not the way I remember it.

Also the EXCPT bits in VPEControl for VPE1 indicate a Gating Storage
Exception dispatch.
But that seems to conflict the EVP bit above.
I don't have a copy of the ASE spec handy to see whether those bits have a
defined power-on value, but particularly if maxvpes=1 was set at boot time,
I would expect VPE1's registers to be in a partly random power-up state.

Perhaps these are an artifact of getting to a good state to dump things
As per my previous mail, I looked at the MT register dump source, and it
really does pull values directly
out of registers and doesn't depend on having a sane kernel stack frame.
 The exceptions to that rule
are the reported values for TCStatus of the executing TC, which is based
on the perhaps-now-broken
assumption that local_irq_save(flags) stores the *entire* pre-invocation
value of the TCStatus register
in the flags variable, and MVPcontrol, which is based on the assumption
that dvpe() returns the pre-invocation
value of MVPcontrol.  Break those assumptions, and you'll get inconsistent
state dumps like this,
and very possibly incorrect execution.   Particularly if what was done was
that effectively replaces
the SMTC-specific implementation of local_irq_save()/local_irq_restore()
with something that uses
the generic MIPS32R2 atomic interrupt enable/disable instructions.  That
would have been a *very* bad idea...


            Kevin K.

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