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Re: [RFC 1/3] VSMP support for msp71xx family of platforms.

To: anoop pa <>
Subject: Re: [RFC 1/3] VSMP support for msp71xx family of platforms.
From: Sergei Shtylyov <>
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 17:00:53 +0300
Cc: Ralf Baechle <>,,
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On 02-12-2010 20:27, anoop pa wrote:

-obj-$(CONFIG_IRQ_MSP_CIC) += msp_irq_cic.o
+obj-$(CONFIG_IRQ_MSP_CIC) += msp_irq_cic.o msp_irq_per.o

   What does this change have to do with the rest of the patch?

This change is required for next patch in this. series.Is this
potentially wrong .

It's not wrong -- it's just that one patch needs to address one issue. Or at least you should describe all your changed in the changelog.

  Do I want to move this to next patch?

   I don't know what you want. :-)

+       set_vi_handler (MIPS_CPU_IPI_CALL_IRQ, ipi_call_dispatch);

   Spaces between the function name and ( are not allowed -- run your patch
thru scripts/

Not sure what went wrong. I had checked it before sending .

linux.git$ ./scripts/
total: 0 errors, 0 warnings, 84 lines checked

0001-VSMP-support-for-msp71xx-family-of-platforms.patch has no obvious
style problems and is ready for submission.

I'm not sure -- perhaps has stopped complaing about those spaces... but it ceratainly did in the past.


WBR, Sergei

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