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Re: TITAN GE driver

To: "Anoop P.A." <>
Subject: Re: TITAN GE driver
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 09:32:56 +0100
Cc: linux-mips <>
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On Wed, Jun 02, 2010 at 01:10:17AM -0700, Anoop P.A. wrote:

> >From the datasheets and design discussion it looks like prefix has been
> designed to be static i.e they are expecting all buffers to get
> allocated with same prefix. In another words all the buffers should be
> below < 0x1fff_ffff ( physical address) or between 0x2000_0000 and
> 0x3fff_ffff like that.
> Is there any way to force kmalloc to allocate memory in certain region
> or below some region?

Nothing that would uniformly work for 32-bit and 64-bit kernels and also
Linux only has flags that allocate below certain addresses; nothing that
tells the allocator "give me something between 0x20000000 and 0x3fffffff".


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