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Re: Kernel not booting in QEMU_SYSTEM_MIPS

To: soumyasr <>
Subject: Re: Kernel not booting in QEMU_SYSTEM_MIPS
From: adnan iqbal <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 10:50:50 +0500
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Dear soumyasr,

Below are some notes form my experience in Qemu and Mips.


This document contains information about how to install qemu on linux and
Mipsel-Linux over Qemu.

Helpful links:

General sequence of installation
    download initrd.gz, already prepared disk image
    create new qemu disk
    install mips-linux on newly created qemu-disk

Command to boot an installed mipsel linux in qemu
    qemu-system-mipsel -M mips -kernel vmlinux-2.6.18-6-qemu -hda hda.img -append "root=/dev/hda1 console=ttyS0" -nographic

I started with link 1, but mainly followed link 2 to get the working mipsel-linux combination on qemu.

1. the current installation does not have a running network
-- Apt get works fine
-- HTTP (wget, Lynx) does not work

2. Mounting Hard disk that works in both Host/Guest (Done)
    a. Make/download a hard disk img that may work on both host linux and guest linux (from: )
    b. If you want to mount it in host os (linux) then use:
        sudo mount -o loop,offset=32256 empty-ext3-2GB.img /mnt/diskimg
    c. For mounting in qemu guest os use -hdb option at boot time
        qemu-system-mipsel  -k en-us -localtime -M mips -kernel vmlinux-2.6.18-6-qemu -hda hda.img -hdb empty-ext3-2GB.img -append "root=/dev/hda1 console=ttyS0" -nographic
        when system boots, hard disk is available , but not mounted. It can be mounted using
        mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt
    d. Never FORGET to unmount after use, and never use it in other OS when being used in one.

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