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Linux on Au1350 using Yamon

To: <>
Subject: Linux on Au1350 using Yamon
From: "Sanjay Kumar" <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 14:28:44 +0900
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Thread-topic: Linux on Au1350 using Yamon
Hi ,

We are trying to port Linux on Au1350 Board. We are using Linux port of db1300 
board. We have Yamon bootloader running on the board.

The board does not have Ethernet port ,so we are loading Linux and rootfile 
system thru serial port and running using "go" command from Yamon. Linux is 
working as expected.

We have BDI3000 debugger and was wondering if it is possible to load the kernel 
and rootfile system to SDRAM using the debugger and execute it using Yamon ?

I tried this but could not succeed . Below are the steps I tried :

1. Start Yamon using BDI.

2. Halt the CPU and dump the kernel and rootfile system to SDRAM at free memory 
location ( 0x80093bf8 as per Yamon prompt).

3. We observed TLB exception while loading .


   Au1350>load 0x80093bf8 vmlinux-rmi.srec srec

   Loading vmlinux-rmi.srec , please wait ....

   # TLB exception raised


   If we reset the target using BDI reset command and then load is successful.

4. After load we gave go command from BDI to start the yamon.

5. Memory dump from Yamon shows correct download , but when I gave go command 
followed by load address its giving exception.


YAMON> go 0x80093bf8                                                            


* Exception (user) : TLB (load or instruction fetch) *                          


CAUSE    = 0x00808008  STATUS   = 0x00000002                                    

EPC      = 0x8010201c  ERROREPC = 0xb02f52ce                                    

BADVADDR = 0x000008c2                                                           


$ 0(zr):0x00000000  $ 8(t0):0x00000000  $16(s0):0x00000000  $24(t8):0x00000000  

$ 1(at):0x00000000  $ 9(t1):0x00000000  $17(s1):0x00000000  $25(t9):0x00000000  

$ 2(v0):0x00000000  $10(t2):0x00000000  $18(s2):0x00000000  $26(k0):0x00000000  

$ 3(v1):0x00000000  $11(t3):0x00000000  $19(s3):0x00000000  $27(k1):0x00000000  

$ 4(a0):0x00000001  $12(t4):0x00000000  $20(s4):0x00000000  $28(gp):0x00000000  

$ 5(a1):0x80087340  $13(t5):0x00000000  $21(s5):0x00000000  $29(sp):0x80093be8  

$ 6(a2):0x00000000  $14(t6):0x00000000  $22(s6):0x00000000  $30(s8):0x80093be8  

$ 7(a3):0x10000000  $15(t7):0x00000000  $23(s7):0x00000000  $31(ra):0x8002f608  




Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.



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