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Re: [MIPS] FPU emulator: allow Cause bits of FCSR to be writeable by ctc

To: Atsushi Nemoto <>
Subject: Re: [MIPS] FPU emulator: allow Cause bits of FCSR to be writeable by ctc1
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 12:20:10 -0700
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Atsushi Nemoto wrote:
On Wed, 05 May 2010 08:43:16 -0700, "Kevin D. Kissell" <> 
I'm glad to hear that the patch is functional.  It was pretty clear that
it would solve your problem, but I was concerned that the inability to
write the Cause bits was done as a way around some other problem. Someone went to a certain amount of trouble to not accept them as
inputs, in violation of spec.  I just looked back, and the bug was
introduced as part of a patch of Ralf's from April 2005 entitled "Fix
Preemption and SMP problems in the FP emulator".  It's unlikely that
overriding CTC semantics actually fixed any underlying problems, but it
may have masked symptoms of problems that we can only hope have been
fixed in the mean time. Anyone run this patch on an FPUless SMP?   Oh,
for a 34Kf with a bunch of TCs! ;o)
That's commit ID 72402ec9efdb2ea7e0ec6223cf20e7301a57da02 and the patch
was comitted during the CVS days which only records the comitter but not
the author. The actual author is Atsushi Nemoto.
Well,. I certainly understood that you were simply the guy who did the
commit.  Didn't mean to make it sound like an accusation, but it was
marginally easier to type your name and date than to find, cut, and
paste the commit ID.  Sorry if it came off wrong.  It would be cool if
Atsushi remembered the reasoning behind the change, but empirical proof
that undoing it doesn't create a subtle problem for current SMP kernels
would be better still.

Yes, that's my patch.  Though I cannot remember precisely, maybe I
just had (mis)thought Cause bits in FCSR are read-only at that time.
I have never used real SMP MIPS platforms, so there must be no
SMP-related issues.

I'm OK with Kevin's fix.  Thank you very much for reporting and
The patch was labeled for "preemption and SMP problems", and if you weren't working on an SMP system, I'd guess that you were working with full preemption and seeing a problem that you might have assumed was also relevant to SMP. The FPU emulator *shouldn't* have pre-emption issues, since it works off of data structures that are instantiated per thread context. The FCSR seen by thread A is logically independent of that seen by thread B, so that even if one emulation was preempted in the middle by another, they shouldn't be able to interfere with one another. That was the concept, anyway.

I'm cool with the patch as is, but in the general spirit of regarding numeric constants other than 0 and 1 as instruments of Satan, it would probably be even better if those reserved bits were defined (FPU_CSR_RSVD, or whatever is compatible with existing convention for such bits) along with the other FCSR bit masks in mipsregs.h, so that the assigment looks like:

         ctx->fcr31 = (value & ~(FPU_CSR_RSVD | 0x3)) |
                  ieee_rm[value & 0x3];

That way, in the unlikely event that those reserved bits get architecturally assigned, the definition of the field can be changed, and that absolute hex mask won't be hardwired and burried in the code to screw things up. If you don't want to touch mipsregs.h, then you should consider just using 0x3 as the value mask, and not 0x1c0003 as I proposed. I honestly can't think of any problems that would arise from implementing those bits as R/W, even though they aren't in hardware, apart from maybe not successfully running AVPs as user-mode Linux binaries.


         Kevin K.

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