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Re: irqbalance on movidis crashes the machine (was: movidis x16 h

To: David Daney <>,
Subject: Re: irqbalance on movidis crashes the machine (was: movidis x16 hard lockup using 2.6.33)
From: Andreas Barth <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 22:35:50 +0200
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* Andreas Barth ( [100415 20:43]:
> * Peter 'p2' De Schrijver ( [100403 17:43]:
> > 
> > Dump of one of those hangs. Most cores seem to be stuck in wait 
> > (0xffffffff81100b80), except for core 1 which is in octeon_irq_ciu0_ack 
> > (octeon_irq_ciu0_ack).
> On further investigation we found out that this happens when
> irqbalance is started. The version of irqbalance being run is 0.55.
> We removed this program from the affected machine, but of course this
> still should be fixed (and we still get a few reboots on another
> machine without irqbalance).


Running irqbalance itself doesn't crash the machine, but increases the
probability of crashes dramatically. Usually the next few (< 10)
commands crash the machine.

The crashs however look similar to the ones we have without irqbalance
- just way less often then with irqbalance. This seems like irqbalance
exposes the crash way better than we do without.


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