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Re: [RFC] Support 36-bit iomem on 32-bit Au1x00

To: Manuel Lauss <>
Subject: Re: [RFC] Support 36-bit iomem on 32-bit Au1x00
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 22:19:22 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
References: <hhq35v$m1q$> <>
Manuel Lauss writes:
 > Have you tried to register a platform device above the 4G line?  I get an 
 > oops
 > inside the platform device match code  when I do.  I'll try to figure out 
 > why.

Yes, I used these patches on top of 2.6.33-rc2 and 2.6.33-rc2-next-20100101
for an ethernet chip at 0xd:1000:0000 on a Au1250 board.

I don't remember seeing oopses while I was figuring out how to get
36-bit I/O working.  arch/x86 and arch/powerpc have been supporting
32-bit processors with 64-bit physical addresses for a long time,
so I would expect the generic resource management code to be reliable.
There are other changes in my tree, but I can't think of anything
which might affect this.  Let me know if I can help further.


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