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Warning about add_wired_entry

Subject: Warning about add_wired_entry
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 15:02:36 +0000
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The earlier posting wrt. add_wired_entry reminded my of this long standing

The kernel does not reserve any address space for use by add_wired_entry().
In other words there is the possibility that vmalloc, ioremap or other
kernel APIs will use the same address space resulting in a crash or worse.

Currently there are three users of add_wired_entry:

 - Alchemy
 - Cavium
 - Jazz

The interface itself also is hostile as it directly exposes the MIPS TLB
registers to the C programmer so should die.  And often wiring a TLB entry
is a bad idea.  TLB entries are a scarce resource and wasting them unwisely
may impact performance.  Especially on the lowest-end CPUs with just
16 TLB entries this can be significant but even on the high-end TLBs with
64 entries it's not always clear if wiring entries is a good idea.  And
there are a few core types that don't even have the capability of wiring


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