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Re: kernel panic about kernel unaligned access

To: vinit dhatrak <>
Subject: Re: kernel panic about kernel unaligned access
From: Xiangfu Liu <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 04:05:23 +0800
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vinit dhatrak wrote:
>> my questions are:
>> 1. what does "Not tainted" mean?
>> 2. I grep the kernel and I find the above message comes from do_ade in
>> unaligned.c, If I guess correctly.
>>    but from the call trace I cannot find out who call it.
>>    who and how kernel pass the information to do_ade?
>> 3. as far as i know, inode is the data structure we used to record file.
>> From what information in the inode I can find out the file name the
>> writeback_inodes try to write?
>> appreciate your help,
>> miloody
> I can answer your first question. Loading a proprietary or
> non-GPL-compatible module will 'taint' the running kernel—meaning that
> any problems or bugs experienced will be less likely to be
> investigated by the maintainers. See this "Tainted Kernel" document
> from Novell.
> In your case, it seems that your kernel is not tainted by any external code.
> Also, what you see as call trace is actually just stack dump, not
> exactly a backtrace.

Hi I also got similar panic in my board (ben nanonote). the process is "Process 
Q: how to get the backtrace? 

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