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Re: [PATCH -v4 9/9] tracing: add function graph tracer support for MIPS

Subject: Re: [PATCH -v4 9/9] tracing: add function graph tracer support for MIPS
From: David Daney <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 09:37:41 -0700
Cc: Wu Zhangjin <>,,, Thomas Gleixner <>, Ralf Baechle <>, Nicholas Mc Guire <>
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Steven Rostedt wrote:
On Wed, 2009-10-21 at 22:35 +0800, Wu Zhangjin wrote:
The implementation of function graph tracer for MIPS is a little
different from X86.

in MIPS, gcc(with -pg) only transfer the caller's return address(at) and
the _mcount's return address(ra) to us.

move at, ra
jal _mcount

in the function is a leaf, it will no save the return address(ra):

ffffffff80101298 <au1k_wait>:
ffffffff80101298:       67bdfff0        daddiu  sp,sp,-16
ffffffff8010129c:       ffbe0008        sd      s8,8(sp)
ffffffff801012a0:       03a0f02d        move    s8,sp
ffffffff801012a4:       03e0082d        move    at,ra
ffffffff801012a8:       0c042930        jal     ffffffff8010a4c0 <_mcount>
ffffffff801012ac:       00020021        nop

so, we can hijack it directly in _mcount, but if the function is non-leaf, the
return address is saved in the stack.

ffffffff80133030 <copy_process>:
ffffffff80133030:       67bdff50        daddiu  sp,sp,-176
ffffffff80133034:       ffbe00a0        sd      s8,160(sp)
ffffffff80133038:       03a0f02d        move    s8,sp
ffffffff8013303c:       ffbf00a8        sd      ra,168(sp)
ffffffff80133040:       ffb70098        sd      s7,152(sp)
ffffffff80133044:       ffb60090        sd      s6,144(sp)
ffffffff80133048:       ffb50088        sd      s5,136(sp)
ffffffff8013304c:       ffb40080        sd      s4,128(sp)
ffffffff80133050:       ffb30078        sd      s3,120(sp)
ffffffff80133054:       ffb20070        sd      s2,112(sp)
ffffffff80133058:       ffb10068        sd      s1,104(sp)
ffffffff8013305c:       ffb00060        sd      s0,96(sp)
ffffffff80133060:       03e0082d        move    at,ra
ffffffff80133064:       0c042930        jal     ffffffff8010a4c0 <_mcount>
ffffffff80133068:       00020021        nop

but we can not get the exact stack address(which saved ra) directly in
_mcount, we need to search the content of at register in the stack space
or search the "s{d,w} ra, offset(sp)" instruction in the text. 'Cause we
can not prove there is only a match in the stack space, so, we search
the text instead.

as we can see, if the first instruction above "move at, ra" is "move s8,
sp"(move fp, sp), it is a leaf function, so we hijack the at register

Are you sure it will always be the first instruction for leaf registers.
You may want to search for that instruction and stop on it. If you have
not yet found the storage of ra in the stack, then you know it is a leaf

There is no deterministic way to identify MIPS function prologs. This is especially true for leaf functions, but also for functions with multiple return sites.

For certain GCC versions there may be a set of command line options that would give good results, but in general it is not possible. Attempts at fast backtrace generation using code inspection are not reliable and will invariably result in faults and panics when they fail.

David Daney

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