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Re: ftrace for MIPS

Subject: Re: ftrace for MIPS
From: Wu Zhangjin <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 23:31:07 +0800
Cc: Thomas Gleixner <>, Nicholas Mc Guire <>, Ralf Baechle <>,,
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added CC to linux-mips and lkml.

> On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 07:39 +0800, Wu Zhangjin wrote:
> > 3. to handle the non-leaf function(hijack the return address), we need
> > to get the stack address of the return address, but it's not easy to get
> > it in MIPS, search the return address in the stack space is not
> > reliable, searching the text is dangerous(pagefault..., have tried
> > probe_kernel_read(), just hang there!), so, a clean solution maybe
> > hacking gcc via pushing ra to 0(sp) or another "fixed"(fixed offset)
> > stack address or recording the offset and transfer it to _mcount.
> Have you figured out why you can't find the text? If mcount is called,
> you most definitely must have stored ra somewhere.
> As for the hang with probe kernel read, I wonder if you need to disable
> tracing before using it. Or at least have a way not to recurs. I'm
> looking at probe_kernel_read, and it looks like it would also be traced.
> Looking at x86 and powerpc, we hand do the probing.

Just added tracing_stop() and tracing_start() around
probe_kernel_read(), it works(not hang again), and i can get the stack
address of the ra register(return address) now, but failed when trying
to hijack the return address via writing &return_to_handler in the stack

I can write hijack some of the addresses, but failed with this error at

Unable to handle kernel paging request at 0000000000000000, epc =
0000000000000000, ra = 000000000000.

Need to check which registers is missing when saving/restoring for

NESTED(ftrace_graph_caller, PT_SIZE, ra) 
        PTR_S   v0, PT_R2(sp)

        jal     prepare_ftrace_return

        /* overwrite the parent as &return_to_handler: v0 -> $1(at) */
        move    $1,     v0  

        PTR_L   v0, PT_R2(sp)

        .align  2
        .globl  return_to_handler
        PTR_SUBU        sp, PT_SIZE
        PTR_S   v0, PT_R2(sp)

        jal     ftrace_return_to_handler

        /* restore the real parent address: v0 -> ra */
        move    ra, v0

        PTR_L   v0, PT_R2(sp)
        PTR_ADDIU       sp, PT_SIZE

        jr      ra


        .macro MCOUNT_SAVE_REGS
        PTR_SUBU        sp, PT_SIZE
        PTR_S   ra, PT_R31(sp)
        PTR_S   AT, PT_R1(sp)
        PTR_S   a0, PT_R4(sp)
        PTR_S   a1, PT_R5(sp)
        PTR_S   a2, PT_R6(sp)
        PTR_S   a3, PT_R7(sp)
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
        PTR_S   a4, PT_R8(sp)
        PTR_S   a5, PT_R9(sp)
        PTR_S   a6, PT_R10(sp)
        PTR_S   a7, PT_R11(sp)

        .macro MCOUNT_RESTORE_REGS
        PTR_L   ra, PT_R31(sp)
        PTR_L   AT, PT_R1(sp)
        PTR_L   a0, PT_R4(sp)
        PTR_L   a1, PT_R5(sp)
        PTR_L   a2, PT_R6(sp)
        PTR_L   a3, PT_R7(sp)
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
        PTR_L   a4, PT_R8(sp)
        PTR_L   a5, PT_R9(sp)
        PTR_L   a6, PT_R10(sp)
        PTR_L   a7, PT_R11(sp)
        PTR_ADDIU       sp, PT_SIZE

        Wu Zhangjin

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